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9:00 AM University Club

About Lynnea

Lynnea Brumbaugh, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer at Washington University and the CEO of Quantum Empowerment Academy, a Transformational Program for High-Octane Leaders Focused on Human Excellence. 

Dr. Brumbaugh has decades of experience teaching management communication, leadership and team building, science and technical communications, and cyberdiversity for algorithmic justice.

She has degrees in literature and psychology, extensive training in organizational culture, and multiple certifications in eastern energy technologies and conscious living.  These skills create fast, dramatic shifts in her clients abilities to focus on present-moment priorities with positive energy.  

Her proprietary quantum results framework  supports her clients through focused energy flow, positive habit restructuring, and a proven blindspot unlocking system that reduces toxicity in the workplace and increases productivity without burnout.

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Lynnea Brumbaugh, PHD

Quantum Empowerment Academy



10:00 AM University Club

About Melissa

Melissa has been recruiting for 8+ years in numerous fields.  She started recruiting for light Industrial and administration, then moved into IT and Engineering for 5 years.  She has now found her niche in the Financial Services Industry for the last 2 1/2 years.  Melissa is Director of Recruiting and Development for The America Group and Dewitt where she not only recruits for Financial Planners nationally, she has widened her scope to P&C, Home and Auto and Employee Benefits.  Melissa sees herself as a connector in the community.  She loves meeting new people and helping others be successful by connecting people.  Personally, she is a St Louis Native, with a beautiful 3 year old daughter and a Westie. 

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Melissa Cabello

The America Group

HR Recruiting

Talent Management

11:00 AM University Club

About Mike

Husband and father.  Branch Manager.  Avid sports fan.  Aspiring Renaissance Man.  Proud to be part of a company that believes in doing the right thing, doing it the right way, and giving back to our communities, our clients, and our Veterans. We create relationships by doing loans the FAIR way. Michael Swaleh is a long time student and teacher of the mortgage industry, but his path and experiences are a little different.  Originally licensed as a Financial Advisor, Mike moved to mortgages in 2006 around the time he earned his Master’s in Business Administration.  Quickly, he rose to the management ranks due to an unrelenting focus on accountability, quality and expectation setting.  In 2013, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to star on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” as leader of the Tikka Tikka Taco truck.  He brought with him his Army veteran brother and their uncle, and they sought out to win a food truck!  After two months, and seven grueling episodes, they took 2nd place out of 8 teams.  It was through this endeavor that he was introduced to the world of web-based marketing and Lead Gen.  Mike has done it all, and has a lot to share.  He graduated with a B.S. in Commerce from Santa Clara University in 2005. Today, his days are focused on growing his team and creating LEADERS. He teaches Systems: Team Growth, Marketing, Loan Process, and Business Management.

"We All Have Bad Days But Our Systems Don't"

Mike is a firm believer in having a system for everything. A system for marketing, a system for your business processes, and perhaps most importantly a system to manage the talent on your team. He chooses to use the Traction EOS model created by Gino Wickman to run his business because he loves the simplicity, objectivity, organization, and clarity that this model brings. One of his favorite sayings is, “We can all have bad days, but our systems don’t”. While traction serves as the backbone, it is a system and not a talent or skill in and of itself. There is much more to learn when it comes to managing personnel. Human beings are messy, but having the right system and the right mentality can put you in a position to succeed.


Mike Swaleh

Fairway Home Mortgage

Talent Management

CEO Roundtable

1:00 PM University Club

About Jennifer

Jennifer Wade is a Management Consultant, Speaker, and Leadership Coach. She is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Jen Wade Consulting. Jennifer has a wide range of experience in Human Resource with special interests in leadership, team & organizational development, workplace culture, and veteran employment opportunities. She works with owners, executives, and leadership teams to drive and advocate highly charged all-inclusive 360-degree communicative workplace cultures.

Prior to establishing Jen Wade Consulting, Jennifer completed an extensive military career holding positions in management, inspector general assistant, congressional inquiries, operations, training, and development. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, a CultureWise Affiliate, and Traliant Training Reseller. Jennifer currently serves as a  Board Member of the Midwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce and advisor to small business leaders.


The CEO Roundtable will pull together a group of peer executives, owners, partners, presidents,
and vice presidents to specifically discuss workplace culture, challenges, and successes. As we
take a view of business practices and management strategies, the value of this ever-changing
environment will bring forth discussions of creating workplaces where people want to work, as
essential to the success of the organization.


Jennifer Wade

Jen Wade Consulting

HR consulting


2:00 PM University Club

About Athena

My name is Athena Caballero and I am an SIUE alumni and Human Resources professional with over 10 years’ experience. Prior to beginning my career path with HireLevel, I managed multi-store retail facilities and teams. I started with HireLevel 7 years ago and have held various roles (from payroll account management to local and national staffing). In my current role, as an HR Consulting Manager with HireLevel, my expertise is recruitment to retirement. I hold certifications is OSHA-10, OSHA Respirator, OSHA HIPAA, American Staffing Association Certified Search Consultant, Certified Health Care Staffing Professional and my Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR). My passion is working with businesses to identify organizational inefficiencies and connect the dots to the strategies and processes needed for compliance or retention and growth. Many businesses are struggling with engagement during this “War on Talent” and in addition to being a self-proclaimed “Compliance Queen,” I enjoy staying current with industry trends and topics to best advise clients and partners to support our mission of “Bringing people with diverse backgrounds together, creating opportunities, growing communities and business, changing lives.” 

Diversity and Equity Overview

General Overview of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”

  • Determining if your organization needs a DEI Statement
  • What things to consider when creating a DEI Statement
  • Best Practices when creating a DEI Statement 
    • Do’s and Do Not’s


Athena Caballero


Diversity and Inclusion