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Small Business Week's
Entrepreneurial Academy In A Day

Master Classes For Business Owners

This academy brings together the greatest minds in business  to instruct, motivate and empower you in the subjects you need to win in business as an entrepreneur.
You will learn and practice the strategies, best practices, and practical skills to start, scale, and manage your business at the highest level.
Whether you’re a solopreneur, CEO, or eager to launch, our courses deliver the insights, motivation, and solid fundamentals to propel your next and greatest flights.
Reading books is great; focused time spent with professionals who have been there and done that” is better. Each session reduces your learning curve through interactive, instructor-designed experiences.
We tackle the areas of business in which most owners find themselves vulnerable or stuck, our sole mission is empowering you to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.
Our courses include business plan and grant writing, financial structure, human resources, marketing, and much more.
Get the high-octane fuel to lap your competition from our pit crew’s combined centuries of experience, wealth of knowledge, and the immense toolbox The Entrepreneurial Academy has curated for you.
Courses are available in person, online and live feed.
Grow yourself and your business starting today.

Online Learning

Our online courses include instruction from the best of the best entrepreneurs and experienced leaders.

Live Events

Our next live event is May 7, 20022. Small Business Week's' Entrepreneurial Academy In A Day Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Get one on one or group coaching through our community of coaches and consultants. Choose from our list of professionals.

Streaming Events

Join our live events from your home, office even on the road.

Gain The Competitive Edge


Courses Include: